Windsor Plywood’s Custom Vintage Truck done in Brandon MB

Windsor Plywood, Brandon has a unique custom 1949 Ford that was transformed into a 50 Year Anniversary model for Windsor Plywood. This truck has the whole engine gutted, so ‘V0’ is a new decal that was put on to represent the engine (ha ha). All painted in Windsor Blue, and the “Celebrating 50 Years” logo hand painted by the store manager, Peter Behrens himself.

This one of a kind anniversary truck has, a huge Fir timber beam has been placed on the front, for towing purposes, an old saw blade was put over the front windshield to be used as a visor, and lets not forget the back tail lights being replaced with pipes that holds a lantern on each side, for the break lights. And yes they work!

With the truck body still intact, but the box gone, this was replaced with a small shed-like feature on the back. Smart panels are the walls, Windsor Plywood colours (Red and Blue) tin is on the roof. A back door that opens in 2 sections like a saloon style door (top and bottom) and on each wall a window can be lifted up as well. On the bottom of the shed area reads our slogan “Take a walk through our woods” that was CNC milled in by Rob from Off the Wall Signs. An eccentric piece of Ash live edge was placed on the back. This 1949 Ford sure drew the crowds in to view the body of the truck, and of course to see what was inside.

When you walk into the smaller building that was constructed on your right hand side the wall is finished with aromatic cedar, there is a spot here that allows you to open a window and have an air flow. As you look straight ahead you will see copper tin with live edge for trim on either end, and a piece Live edge that juts out like a mantel that has been fully finished with blue epoxy in the voids and a Varathane top coat finish. Underneath this mantel, there is 2×8 Pine log siding. When you look to the left a barn board like wall panel is on the wall, a window is also placed here. There are metal spindles to help hold the window open if one chooses to have it open, and on all 4 sides of the window trim are rosettes. A live edge bench was also placed here and the letter “W” was engraved throughout the whole top surface. Faintly you can see red epoxy in the W’s. Lastly, the roof and the back wall in this hut are finished with 1×6 T+G Pine. Down the center of the roof is an awesome piece of live edge that is also displayed.

Windsor Plywood Brandon’s Vintage Truck has made many appearances throughout the city of Brandon MB. During warmer weather months Brandon hosts a “cruise night” the first Wednesday of every month, and this truck was seen a few times as you walked the streets viewing all the hot rods, rat rods and old classics, people throughout the community would bring down to put on display. For our 50th Anniversary Sale the last weekend in July, we brought our custom truck out to the parking lot for customers to view. Many people were eating burgers and walking over just to have a look! However, the big show was the “Super Run” which was in August.

The Super Run is a classic car show that brings cars from all over Canada and with it being hosted in Brandon MB this year, the 50 Year Anniversary Windsor Plywood truck was a ticket booth, for when anyone from the public entered the gates it was the first thing anyone would notice.