Wagons Ho!

cranbrook chuck wagoncranbrook chuck wagon
cranbrook chuck wagon6cranbrook chuck wagon6
cranbrook chuck wagon5cranbrook chuck wagon5
cranbrook chuck wagon2cranbrook chuck wagon2
cranbrook chuck wagon3cranbrook chuck wagon3
cranbrook chuck wagon7cranbrook chuck wagon7

These chuck wagons were made for the Sam Steele Parade. The Windsor Plywood store in Cranbrook donated 6000 feet of veneer to make the wheels for the wagons. They were used for chuck wagon races.
The races were composed of 4 people pulling, one driver and 2 outriders on bikes. It was a blast to participate in and a real chuckle to watch.
In total, 10 of these small wagons were made for the community event.
All donations went towards building houses for low-income families in the Kootenays area.