Langley Memorial Hospital ER – $50,000

The Windsor Plywood Foundation made a $50,000 dollar donation to the new Langley Memorial Hospital ER.

Just over a year ago, Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation launched its two-year Emergency Response campaign for a new emergency department and MRI Suite. Just one year in, the community’s generosity has secured an amazing $17 million – $2 million more than the $15 million goal!

“It’s phenomenal,” says Vivian Smith, LMHF Executive Director, noting the additional funds will purchase equipment the expansion necessitates.

“When an emergency department grows from 31 stretcher bays to 49, when its trauma bays go from one to two, and it adds special areas for mental illness and substance use issues, a variety of specialized equipment accompanies the expansion. This will make huge headway in funding equipment we’ll need to provide modern, quality care.”

Work on the new emergency department is already underway and will welcome patients in early 2021. Langley will also get an MRI suite, a game-changer in medical care that’s expected to welcome its first patient in early 2020.

What made the campaign so successful?

The reasons are threefold, Smith says. It starts with the appeal of a cause that impacts the entire community – everyone has been in the ER themselves or for a loved one – but also reflects the power of the close-knit Langley community.

“Many families have lived here for generations. We’ve even had donor families where four generations were born in this hospital,” Smith reflects, noting that as Langley residents watched neighbouring regions gain new facilities, they recognized the project’s importance for the growing community. “It’s our time now. Whether you gave $50 or $50,000 or $5 million, donors have a sense of pride about being part of such an important project.”

The third factor driving the campaign’s success is the “perfect storm” of exceptional staff, the board of directors and campaign volunteers,” Smith says.

“We had the right people in the right place at the right time,” she explains. “Now these great caregivers will have the resources to deliver that care in the way that we want. It’s humbling and so exciting. It’s really set the place a-buzz.”

Looking ahead: What’s next for Langley Memorial?

“As we watched the community step forward and we knew we’d be able to finish the campaign a full year earlier than expected, we started to look forward,” Smith says.

Additional projects taking place at the hospital include essential expansion of the pharmacy and morgue, and urgent equipment needs across all departments. As technology continually advances, so too must the tools the medical team has for patient care. Other equipment goals reflect needs of one of the Lower Mainland’s fastest-growing communities.

Looking ahead, LMHF will consult the community about how the hospital can support patients in the community. “By helping residents live independently longer or better manage chronic conditions outside of a hospital bed, we are also helping manage the pressures on our hospital,” Smith says.

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