Quick and Easy DIY Cedar Potting Bench

All materials are available at your local Windsor Plywood.

Stirling Noyes from the Windsor Plywood head office built this cedar potting bench for his front patio.

This project was built using 1×4 Cedar boards, 1×2 Cedar boards, and 4×4 Cedar posts. All cuts were done with a miter saw and fastened together with 1-1/4 inch wood screws and finishing nails. Finally, like the raised planter beside it, it was finished with Teak Oil.

The final dimensions came roughly out to 35-3/4″ High, 17″ Wide, and 36-1/4″ Long.

General instructions will be provided as you will want to size this to your own needs.

  1. Start with the 4×4 posts and cut into four equal length legs.
  2. Cut two 1×4 pieces (apron) to length and two 1×4 pieces (apron) to width.
  3. Using the screws, fasten the four 1×4 aprons around the top of the legs to make a table without a top. Predrilling your holes is a good idea.
  4. Cut two 1×2 pieces to the length of the bench. Attach them to the bench, level to each other.
  5. Measure the width from one edge of the 1×2 to the other to get your shelf with.
  6. Cut 1×4 pieces to fill your shelf and space evenly. Attach each end of the 1×4 shelf to the 1×2 with finishing nails
  7. For the top, you can repeat step 6 or cut 1×4 pieces with mitered ends (as pictured in the sample) to cover up the end grain and screws used in the apron. Make sure to add 1-1/4″ to the width of your top boards to take into account the additional wood attached to the front and side aprons.
  8. Finish with your preferred outdoor finish.

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