Purpleheart Mounting Board for LED Backlit House Numbers

led house numbers on purpleheart finishedStirling from the Windsor Plywood head office built a house number sign to attach to the new siding on his house. He used purpleheart from the Windsor Plywood Langley location for mounting the Taymor 6″ LED-backlit numbers. Mounting on board minimizes the amount of hardware needed to attach the sign to the hardboard siding.

purpleheart sanded and drilledThe holes for the mounting hardware were first mapped out with the supplied templates from the manufacturer and then drilled. Afterward, he sanded and finished the piece with Varathane Diamond Outdoor wood finish.purpleheart finished

LED purpleheart sign test wiriedAfter the finish was dry, he tests wires the sign in the shop before final mounting. Before installation, he added two spacers to the back of the sign for the wiring.

Power for the sign is provided by a standard outdoor GFIC outlet located in the soffit.