Reuse it and save. When your Exchange-A-Blade™ is worn and dull, simply bring it back and exchange it for a new reconditioned one, and save up to 75% off the original price!When you exchange your dull blade for a reconditioned one, you are getting back a sharpened, cleaned and balanced blade ground to razor sharpness or replaced if need be. You will find these Exchange-A-Blades equal in performance to any new blade, guaranteed.

Exchange-A-Blade Contact your local store for more info
  • Extra fine finishing blade
  • Extremely smooth cutting
  • Triple chip grind design results in chip-free cutting and long life of cutting edges
Cuts Blades available for most materials
Uses Ideal for both portable and stationary equipment
Blade size Available in most standard sizes
Note Specifications may change, some products may be special order. See your local Windsor Plywood experts for details/availability.


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