Parksville’s Woody Statue and Timekeeper

Ron Gellatly came to Windsor Plywood at Parksville back in December of last year (2019) with a history of cabinet making, woodturning and art. He recently finished the Woody carved mascot and the a salvaged Fir dunnage clock. He has this to say about the process it took to finish the projects:

I built the clock to replace the plastic one we had from the dollar store, it seemed a necessity for a wood specialty store. The clock is a piece of 2 x 12 Fir dunnage that I salvaged. The scorch lines are Lichtenberg figures or fractal pyrography. Essentially I soak the piece in a soda and water solution then charge it with 7000 volts. The process and results can be spectacular. I then put the piece on my lathe and cut the recess for the clockworks and face. the face section was then bleached.

Woody is hand carved from a piece of clear 2 x 8 Yellow Cedar I found in the off-cut bin. He’s 13 inches tall and about 6-1/2 inches wide. He has had an attachment recently, in keeping with the COVID-19 situation.