Mechanical Pendulum Clock Made from Baltic Birch Plywood

mechanical clockThe following story was sent in from a blog reader.

My name is Jerrod, and I am a 35-year-old amateur woodworker in my spare time with a background in Engineering. I am currently living in Calgary, Alberta.

I came across your blog of customer projects and thought I would throw a few pics of my own project at you. This is a clock I made almost entirely from Baltic Birch Plywood and some brass hardware and rods. If you guessed that the pieces are laser cut, you are correct. I design all parts on my computer and cut them on my own laser cutter. Just because they are laser cut doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of gluing, sanding, staining and finishing work.

I originally bought some plans for another clock online and studied them until I understood how clocks work. After gaining an understanding of them and a lot of trial and error, I finished designing this one. Hundreds of hours were spent during the initial design (maybe even a thousand if you count testing)  but each clock can now be built in about a week of spare time. I know it seems like a lot of hours but I am an amateur, and I am self-taught at making clocks. Any future designs I expect should come along a lot quicker.

I have made a few of these clocks for myself and some family members. They are simple, quiet, reliable, accurate and have been running for over 7 years with no issues.