Drill Press Drum Sander Jig

drill press drum sanding jig

Stirling from the Windsor Plywood head office built this drill press drum sander jig. It uses 1/4″ Baltic Birch Plywood from the Langley Windsor Plywood.

The drum sanding attachment fits in the hole on the top of the jig with a hole on the side used for a vacuum hose. For the top and side holes, an adjustable circle cutter bit was used. A 1/2″ Forstner bit was used to countersink screws so they wouldn’t interfere with the workpiece.

drill press drum sanding jig - bottom view

Pieces of 1 x 4 are attached to the bottom to create a guide to centre the jig. The guide also provides a clamping surface to keep the jig secure.

The 1/4″ Baltic Birch Plywood was cut to length and width using a table saw while the 1 x 4 was cut with a mitre saw. The final assembly was with wood screws and glue.

Play the video to see the jig in action. Keep an eye on the sawdust before and after the vacuum is turned on.