DIY Stairs Upgrade

Brian Rogers, one of Windsor Plywood in Great Fall’sBEST” customer, shared his recently completed, and a fantastic job at that, DIY project at home. Here’s what he had to say:

Whenever an old guy gets put out to pasture there’s alot of time that will have to be filled doing something/anything; and not all of it is bad…

Winter, errrr, “self-isolation” project is almost done! Just some minor trimwork, top nose, and sealant to wrap up.

Converting original house worn carpet staircase into a custom hardwood overlay made from rough “shorts” at Windsor Plywood (Hi Mike, Lori, Danny, Ezra!). Lots of planning, sawing, planing (machine and hand), gluing, clamping, sanding, polishing, and patience on this one. And not a single drop of stain was used! That is pure wood (maple and walnut) and water-based clearcoat only. So if it’s ever scratched or gouged, it can be touched up without any color matching concerns to keep on going for ages.

Work was closely supervised by the Golden (pictured) and tested/approved by the Cat…