Sherwood Park’s Pecky Cedar Barn Door Project

festool and gtape pecky barn door

Colin’s crew from the Windsor Plywood Sherwood Park store under took a big project. They created a custom-made barn door from Pecky Cedar lumber. The materials required for the project was: 2″ x 8″ Pecky Cedar planks, G-Tape, Titebond glue, Ecopoxy metallics, 8 litres of resin, wooden dominos, a Festool Domino Joiner and many hours, … Continued

Rustic Barn Door Table Project

Rustic Barn Door Table Project 3

  The crew at the Windsor Plywood Cranbrook store were at it again. This time it was repurposing a rustic barn door and using all the parts to make a table. Additional pieces of wood were cut for the legs and cross supports. The next step was to “age” the surface of the wood with … Continued

How to Age Wood Using Vinegar, Steel Wool and Tea

How to Age Wood 4

It’s easy to get that rustic, aged look of wood with a few simple steps and common household materials. When this process applied to a new piece of wood, it can help match the new piece, to a naturally aged blank or create your own style. To get started, you will need just three household … Continued