DIY Projects

Come see a bit of what our Kamloops store has to offer!

Submitted by: Woody Wall on November 29, 2011

Welcome to Windsor Plywood. The building supplier you can find by foot or by air!

We're sure to have everything you need whether you're doing a renovation, repair or recreational project. Let's take a peek at some of the things we have to offer.

Here we have an assortment of blinds, door glass and windows. This represents only a fraction of the styles available to us through special orders.

We've got a great selection of different flooring and all the accessories you need to preserve them in perfect condition. Refinishing kits, floor savers, waxes and more!

And when you're done laying down new floors, it's time to get to those stairs. Whether you' d like solid wood stairs to stain and finish yourself, or engineered, prefinished treads and nosing, we've got it all.

We've got various profiles of mouldings in paint grade or solid wood and all the matching pieces you need to finish the job.

If you're looking to maximize the space in your garage, or looking to accent your home with some beautiful mantels and shelves, we've got a plethora of products in different shapes, sizes, and materials for you to choose from.

And if it's an outdoor project you're working on, we've got that covered too. Sheathing, treated lumber, decking, just ask and ye shall receive!

Maybe that piece with beautiful grain just doesn't have the right colour. Or perhaps you would like to give it a bit of a shine. We carry many of the popular brands of stains and finishes to help you get the look you want while helping you preserve your project for years to come.

So you've got all the materials you need, but do you have the tools to help you put it all together? If not, we can help you find the right tools for you in our extensive tools and hardware collection. Nails, glues, bits, saws, you name it, we've got it.

But sometimes, there are things you just can't do on your own. That's why we offer shop services to our customers. Whether you need a door machined, or need some moulding or plywood cut to size, we can do it, no problem!

Even once your project is finished, though, check back often or visit our website so you won't miss out on our deals and promotions.