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Everything you Need to Know about Baltic Birch Plywood

Submitted by: Woody Wall on November 04, 2011

The exposed mult-ply edge of Baltic Birch gives this plywood unusal and unsurpassed visual appeal.

  • Square 5' x 5' sheets
  • 100% multi-ply Birch plywood is made with one-piece face, back and inner plies that stand up under great stress and strain
  • Tremendous tensile strength and screw-holding power, yet machines easily and is not tough on tools
  • Fasteners can be driven close to the edge without danger of splintering
  • No matter how it’s cut, Baltic Birch has a void-free edge because there are no veneer joints
  • Uniformly light, even, and attractive colour
Limitless Usage

Even when exposed raw, the edge creates a highly decorative treatment and gives any finished product greater individuality from simply furniture components to sophisticated high-tech electronic cabinetry.

Thickness and Ply Construction

Baltic Birch Veneers stack