Wood Tools & Accessories


Bostik Bearing Lubricant

Ideal for router work on all wood and solid surfaces. It protects valuable tools even under heavy operating loads and high temperatures up to 550°F. Regular maintenance with Bostik Bearing Lubricant can extend bearing life far better than oil or other treatments. Use it to free up frozen bearings and seal bearings from moisture too.

Bostik DriCote Blade & Bit Cutting Lubricant

Extends the life of the cutting tool.  New fluoropolymer technology does NOT contain silicones or contaminating oils. 

Bostik TopCote Table & Tool Surface Sealant

TopCote forms a durable, water-repelling dry film on saw tables and tool surfaces to reduce sliding friction and eliminate surface "hang ups." Compared to paste wax, TopCote is 30% slicker, prevents rust longer and is easier to use. Its dry formula contains no silicone or petroleum and it will never stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes.

Flyte Blade & Bit Cleaner

Removes resin, pitch, gum and grim from saw blades, power bits and planer knives.

Protractor & Rulers

The tools that you need for every job! Protractors to measure inward, outward, barred inward and sloped angles. Rulers with SAE or metric etchings and stainless steel for durability.

Samona 3 Piece Router Bit Set

Made from high quality carbon steel and tipped with tungsten carbide.The carbide is precision ground to give consistent clean cuts while maintaining a sharp edge. Chip-limiting style bits that offer more safety than regular bits and provide better balance.

Samona Electronic Digital Caliper

Precision caliper for accurate measurements.

Silky Pullsaws

All Silky pullsaws have taper-ground blades to allow fluid, straight cut. Teeth are actually wider than the mirror polished blade and are replaceable with a single ingenious action. Taper ground blades reduce friction and binding and hard chrome plating resists rust and resin.