Varathane Diamond Interior Water Base Wood Finish

  • Water base
  • Interior premium clear coating
  • No odour, Fast drying
  • Non-flammable, Environmentally friendly
  • Non-Yellowing, Crystal clear finish
  • Twice the durability of polyurethanes
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An interior premium clear coating so innovative, so remarkably advanced, it sets the standard for excellence in clear protective coatings.  Because of it's unique clarity, this coating is ideal for every conventional interior wood application, especially hardwood flooring. A crystal clear finish that never yellows, resists water, alcohol, and household chemicals, AND is low odour and environmentally friendly makes it the perfect protective coating for Diamond wood stains.
Use on cabinets, doors, mouldings, paneling, and fine furniture

Fast dry and water clean up

Available in brush-grade and aerosol formats