Titebond Painters Caulk

  • Siliconized acrylic caulk
  • Interior and exterior
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Titebond Painters Caulk is an economical, easy-to-use caulk that is formulated for interior and exterior pre-paint preparation. It offers good weather-resistance and provides a strong bond to most common building materials, including wood, metal, glass, masonry, aluminum and brick. It can be used for sealing joints, repairing cracks and backfilling gaps.

Titebond Painters is de-aired for a smooth, uniform bead that extrudes and tools easily. It can be painted or stained with one coat and will not bleed through the paint. Titebond Painters is a non-stringing formula that won’t sag or drool and it has excellent bead cut-off. It also cleans up with water when wet.

10.1oz caulking gun cartridge

Dries white