Titebond Exterior All Siding Sealant

  • Exterior - high performance
  • Dries fast
  • Paintable & Stainable
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Titebond All Siding Sealant is a unique, modified-acrylic formula that offers superior adhesion on all common construction materials. It is ideal for sealing doors, windows, soffits and awnings around vinyl, aluminum, stucco, wood, brick and glass.

Titebond All Siding dries quickly and it can be painted and stained within 2-4 hours of application. It is also de-aired for a smooth, uniform bead and cleans up with water when wet. Titebond All Siding exceeds the performance requirements for ASTM C920, C834 and TT-S-00230C.

10oz caulking gun tubes

Available in white and various colours