Specialty Plywoods


Aircraft Plywood

Historically used for several WWII era fighter aircrafts, aircraft plywood is made with light-weight, durability, and resistance to heat and humidity in mind. This plywood is your answer to any projects that may require the sturdiness of thicker plywood where the weight of regular plywoods just won't do.

Baltic Birch Plywood

  Baltic Birch plywood is constructed with more veneers per unit of thickness than other types of plywood. Ideal for routering, scroll sawing or for applications requiring high stability.

Bending Plywood

An ideal plywood to be used to shaped and curve construction problem in cabinets, furniture and fixtures

Marine Grade Fir Plywood

Ideal for outdoor or nautical use and anywhere else you might expect your project to be exposed to high moisture for extended periods of time. Marine plywood is manufactured with special exterior glues and improved core in order to resist rot and extra care is given to make sure that no sheet of plywood has any knotholes.

Prefinished Birch Plywood

If you are looking for something striking, this is one plywood you’ll want to consider.  These sheets of birch plywood are prefinished with a smooth, protective top coat.

Teak Koto Cabinet-wood

If you’re looking for plywood then come see us Windsor first! We’ve got the species you want in the thickness you need! Don’t forget to drop by and take a look at our selection of exotic plywoods. Our various exotic species will make heads turn and give your project a distinctive look.

Tropical Marine Plywood (BS1088)

Our Tropical Marine Plywoods are made to stringent "British Standard 1088" grade specifications. This means that each sheet is made with WBP glue and is inspected to ensure there are no open defects, irregular grains and relatively few knots. Certainly a plywood fit for the Queen!

Veneer Sheets

We compliment our exotic and domestic hardwoods with matching veneers. Widths vary depending on species, cutting method and current availability. For those doing inlay work, our selection is unsurpassed.