Solid Wood Floor Mouldings

wood stair parts wood stair parts 2 Oak-Maple-Floor-Mouldings1 Oak-Maple-Floor-Reducers Oak-Maple-Stair-Mouldings1 Oak-Maple-Floor-Stair-Mouldings2
  • For Floors or Stairs
  • Solid Oak, White Oak or Maple
  • Easy to paint or stain
  • Stair Nosing to finish the ends of stair treads
  • Reducers used to step down from or to different flooring
  • Base Shoes for use at the junction of flooring and base of a wall or cabinetry.
  • Transitions to covers seams of equal height
  • Splines allow a change of direction between rooms
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Solid Wood Floor Mouldings in Oak, White Oak or Maple.  Reducers, Stair nosing, Transitions, Thresholds, Base Shoes and Splines. Unfinished and ready to paint or stain to match your flooring. 
Transitions or Reducers in 6', 9' or 10' lengths. 4 pieces per pack.
 Stair nosing or Thresholds in 7', 8' or 10' lengths (12' lengths by special order). 4 pieces per pack.
Splines in 7', 8', 10' or 12' lengths. 10 pieces per pack.
Base Shoes in 10' lengths. 10 pieces per pack.