Safe ‘N Sound Interior Door Series

Emerald-SafeNSnd SafeNSound1 SafeNSound2
  • Environmentally responsible doors manufactured with renewable by-product
  • Solid Core Option for Superior Noise reduction
  • Emerald Core Option for fire safety & FSC certified
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Bring the qualities of recycled, eco-friendly engineered doors into your home for better living.

 Satisfy demand for quiet homes with Safe ‘N Sound solid core doors. Constructed with wheat-straw based DorCor -  a rapidly renewable, agricultural wheat by-product. Superior to standard hollow-core flush doors. 

All of our molded panel doors are available as Safe ‘N Sound.  Also Available with Emerald Core which feature green attributes such as rapidly renewable content, pre-consumer recycled content, no added Urea-Formaldehyde, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and a 20-minute fire rating.
Doors available in 1-3/8" thicknesses, 18" - 36" widths and 80", 84"  or 96" heights.  Bifolds available in 1-3/8" thickness, 24" - 36" widths and 80", 84" or 96" heights.

Specifications may change, please check with your local Windsor Plywood location to verify availability.  Some doors may be special order.