Natural Live Edge Parota Hardwood

Parota live edge slabs Parota_liveedge_11ft_Kamloops Parota hardwood grain Parota table sherwoodpark
  • 2 natural live edge slabs
  • Grain usually slightly interlocked
  • Very coarse texture
  • Moderate natural luster
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Parota is also known as Guanacaste, Raintree or Kelobra is similar to Acacia in appearance but easier in workability. A fast growing hardwood that is popular with bowl turners, carvers, furniture/cabinetry designers and boat builders.

 Scientific Name: Enterolobium cyclocarpum 

Primarily Central America, as well as Mexico and northern South America. Trees grow from 65 - 100 ft tall and 5 - 8 ft in diameter. 

Janka Hardness: 520 lbf 

Color/Appearance: Heartwood is light to medium brown, sometimes with a reddish hue. Darker streaks of brown are sometimes present. Sapwood is pale yellow and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Unique appearance and texture, which is mostly due to its very large pores, which give it a somewhat coarse-textured, almost fibrous look

Grain/Texture: Grain usually slightly interlocked. Very coarse texture. Moderate natural luster. 

Rot Resistance: Rated as durable to very durable; mixed insect resistance.

Workability: Easy to work with hand and machine tools.

Come in and ask about our natural live edge slabs - great for shelves, furniture, table tops, desk tops, mantles, wood carvings or whatever project you can imagine!  
2 natural Edge Slabs of various sizes, widths and thicknesses
The two slabs shown below are 2-1/4" thick. 42"(avg) x 120" and 45" (avg) x 93". The big slab shown is 11 feet high x 46"(avg) x 3" (avg.).Selection is constantly changing - come in and see what has arrived and get one of these for yourself!