Advantage Series Panelling

Add a dramatic effect with the traditional rich woodgrain of oak or the modern light tones of maple. This series is the perfect accent for mahogany and leather furnishings.

Aromatic Cedar Paneling

Not just for closets... cedar chests can benefit from the protection of Aromatic Cedar too.Line hampers with Aromatic Cedar & enjoy the difference this easy project can make.

Beadboard Panelling

 Beadboard is a vintage style of paneling that is very versatile. It can be used in almost any room of your home with success because of its informal charm. Create a "country cottage" look with an authentic classic beadboard design.

 Factory primed and ready-to-paint these panels are also available in a traditional wainscot, for a different look, the full panels can also be cut for a 3/4 wall application. 

Durable Wall Paneling

With ordinary tools and easy-to-follow instructions, you can achieve a custom decorated look in just a weekend!  Why spend extra on ceramic tile, wallpaper or brick and stone wall materials, when you can achieve comparable look and performance at a greatly reduced cost? With a broad selection of styles, colors and textures of decorative options to help remodel any room in your home!

Fantasy Series Panelling

The fantasy series is a collection of muted tones and, subtle textures which are appealing to the eye and touch. A perfect accent to contemporary furnishings and decor

Pine PlyBead Panels

Ideal for interior and weather-protected areas where durability is essential such as: Wainscotting and ceiling applications, garage liners, soffit panels, porch interior and ceilings, finished basements, laundry rooms or mud rooms.

Real Wood Paneling

Scuffed painted walls, faded or out-dated wallpaper? Finishing a space,  basement or attic? Beautiful, warm wood paneling is your answer!

Rosedale Series Panelling

Breathe new life into your living space and bring a touch of nature indoors. From the natural beauty of pine to the warmth of pecan - you'll find the rich hues and the outdoor appeal of this series hard to resist.