Lightweight Platinum Primed MDF Mouldings

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  • Defect free - flat, smooth surface free of knots and grain patterns
  • High quality - uniform consistency from surface to core
  • Platinum Primed Finish - an exclusive finish with a dual coat, dual sand process
  • Superior Workability - Copes and miters with ease. Does not chip or split
  • Installs with Ease - nails like fingerjoint and will not volcano (unlike standard MDF)
  • Superior Paintablity - With quality paint, one coat is often enough
  • Responsible Choice - Certified for Recycled Content
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MDF Mouldings are manufactured to exacting quality standards from #1 quality medium density fiberboard. MDF offers the advantages of finger joint pine without the disadvantages. Platinum Primed MDF mouldings are lightweight for simplicity of installation and handling. Cuts, copes mitres, nails and staples with ease. 
See your local Windsor Plywood for details and availability. 

Meets Leed™ requirements. Available with no added Formaldehyde. Standard builder lengths.

Available profiles for British Columbia:

For other regions see below.