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Cedar compliments any architectural design, from traditional to contemporary. It has a richly textured grain, and its warm colouring is complimented by a uniform, fine-grained texture. It is easily finished, accepts a range of finishes, from fine oils and stains to solid coatings and paint, not to forget it’s unique and inviting aroma.
As an option to cedar, we also carry a line of treated wood for exterior use, ACQ coated to protect from the elements, offering you an attractive and inexpensive method of making the exterior of your home more accommodating for leisure time. We also carry cap, balusters, posts and accessories.
Caution About Fasteners for use with Treated Wood Products: Connectors used for Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) or Copper Azole (CA) treated wood products should be manufactured from steel, either galvanized or stainless. Stainless steel connectors can be used for maximum service life or severe applications. Where appropriate, copper fasteners may also be used. Fasteners used in combination with metal connectors must be the same type of metal to avoid galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals.For example stainless steel fasteners should not be used in combination with galvanized connectors. For borate treated wood used inside buildings, the same fasteners can be used as for untreated wood.