Exchange A-Blade 10x80 Carbide Melamine Blade

  • Extra fine finishing blade
  • Extremely smooth cutting for melamine, laminates and plastics
  • Triple chip grind design results in chip-free cutting and long life of cutting edges
  • Ideal for use in both portable and stationary equipment
  • 10" with 5/8” Arbour
  • 80 teeth
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How it works...When your Exchange-A-Blade™ is worn and dull, simply bring it back to your local Windsor Plywood and exchange it for a new one or a reconditioned one.. sometimes saving up to 75% off the original price! 

When you exchange your dull blade for a reconditioned one, you are getting back a sharpened, cleaned and balanced blade ground to razor sharpness or replaced if need be. You’ll find these Exchange-A-Blades equal in performance to any new blade, guaranteed.

5/8” Arbour, 10” Diameter, Extra fine, 80 teeth