Deckote bty Deckote-Terracotta Deckote_TintBase
  • A water based elastomeric coating engineered for horizontal surfaces
  • Can be applied on concrete, planks, plywood, fiberglass
  • Can be applied both on new and previously coated surfaces
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Can be used on sun decks, porches, patios, roof decks, stairs, landings, boat decks, tennis courts, railings, basement floors and walkways.
Approximate Coverage: Deckote Primer 350 Sq Ft. (32 Sq M) per Gallon. Deckote Base Coats 100 Sq Ft. (9.3 Sq M) per Gallon. Deckote Color Coats 100 Sq Ft. (9.3 Sq M) per Gallon.

For Plywood: Start your project by building your new deck with the best materials. Follow local and national building codes paying special attention to the plywood sheathing and the slope of the deck. We recommend exterior grade plywood (good one side/that side up) and a generous slope away from the house structure to prevent any pooling of rainwater. Use stainless or heavy galvanized screws or nails to fasten the plywood to the stringers.

For Concrete: Fresh Concrete should be allowed to fully cure for 1 month prior to application of Deckote. If the concrete was power trowelled to a smooth finish it should be etched with muriatic acid to provide better adhesion. After the concrete has been etched it should be rinsed with plenty of fresh water and allowed to dry. Apply 1 coat of Deckote Primer allowing 4 hours drying followed by 1 coat of Deckote Basecoat (use regular basecoat or Safe-T-Tred basecoat if a more slip resistant finish is desired) allowing 12 to 24 hours drying. Apply 1 coat of Deckote Colour Coat allowing 24 hours drying.