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Codel Rustic Collection Codel Rustic Collection2 Codel clavos straps Codel speakeasy
  • Hassle Free Doors
  • Prehung and completely assembled, ready to install
  • Rustic hardwood grain fiberglass doors
  • Add clavos, straps or a speakeasy for a touch of old world charm
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Rustic hardwood grain textured fiberglass doors.  For that added touch of authenticity, optional black metal clavos in 1-1/2″ round or 1-1/2″ square, and/or 18″ decorative black metal hinge straps can be added to your Rustic Collection door.  If chosen, these optional items will be factory installed on your door before it ships out. An optional Speakeasy adds a touch of old world charm to a Rustic Collection door, and Codel has 2 options:
1) Seedy Reamy Glass Door Speakeasy (The glass on this door is for looks only and does not open to the outside)
2) Solid Metal Black Door Speakeasy (There is no glass in this speakeasy.  The black metal door opens to give access to the outside)
Both Speakeasy options measure 10″ wide x 12″ high, seal tightly to prevent air infiltration, and if chosen, come factory installed in your Rustic Collection door.
Choose one of 14 paint or 13 stain colours and have the door and frame factory finished!
Optional/Split Finish: One side painted or stained. Or both sides painted different colours.
Wide variety and selection of door styles and glass options to choose from. Special order only.3'0" or 3'6" x 8'0" doors.
Optional black metal clavos in 1-1/2″ round or 1-1/2″ square
Optional 18″ decorative black metal hinge straps
Optional 10″ wide x 12″ high speakeasy
 See your local store for more details.