Countertop Magic

Countertop Magic® Spray Cleaner & Polish is specially formulated for effective cleaning of laminate and solid surface countertops. This pH balanced formula removes most food based stains leaving a streak-free, long-lasting shine while helping to protect the countertop. Ideal for everyday kitchen and bath use.Recommended for: Corian®, Formica®, Swanstone®, Silesstone®, Zodiaq®, Wilsonart®, and other quartz or polished stone surfaces.

Shell Busey's All Purpose Cleaner

An environmentally friendly all purpose cleaner to use throughout your home or office. Simply spray the all purpose cleaner from its trigger bottle and wipe away.

For tougher soiling, spray on and allow a few minutes to penetrate before wiping.

Works well in hot/cold and hard/soft water without affecting the finish or wax coatings.

Shell Busey's Carpet Cleaner

A concentrated formula for removing stains from carpet. Mix accordingly with water for light, medium or heavy soiling. Dampen affected area with water, spray in carpet cleaner and scrub with a rotary motion using a stiff bristle brush. Keep the area well soaked with carpet cleaner while removing the stain. Use either a wet/dry vacuum or steam cleaner for extraction. Great for removing spot stains from carpet, or for pre-treating high traffic areas before steam cleaning. Easy to use, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. Entirely free of harsh chemicals or solvents with a high foaming application and minimal foam retention.

Shell Busey's Concrete Cleaner

A cleaner for removing stains from aggregates and porous surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. Simply dampen affected concrete area with water, and spray down with the cleaner until a puddle is formed. Let stand for 5-8 minutes depending on the stain. Agitate the surface with a stiff bristle brush or auto scruffier if stains are aged or imbedded. And repeat the process. The most environmentally friendly and highly effective concrete cleaner available on the market.

Shell Busey's Grout & Tile Cleaner

Shell Busey’s Grout and tile cleaner will restore the look of your tile and grout lines. Spray the grout cleaner directly on discolored surfaces. Allow 5-8 minutes for penetration. For best results use a stiff bristle brush to agitate the surface and lift the stain out completely. Rinse well with water. Provides deep penetrating action on porous surfaces while leaving no negative impact on grout or tile.

Shell Busey's Heavy Duty Cleaner

The Heavy duty cleaner is an increased strength formula for use on siding, R.V’s, stucco, aluminum or vinyl decking. Dampen surface with water, and spray down with the cleaner until a puddle is formed. Let stand for 5-8 minutes, and rinse off. Cleans and brightens stucco, vinyl, aluminum siding, awnings, decks & more.  Even light duty cleaning such as walls, floors and counter tops.

Shell Busey's Odor Remover

Apply the odor remover directly to fabrics, carpets, upholstery, wallpaper, and even ventilation systems to break down dust and allergens. It’s just that easy odor remover is a 100% natural solution, phosphate free, biodegradable, non toxic, with absolutely no solvents. Powerful solution for the toughest odors.