Handcrafted Cedar Shingle Panels

Valley Cedar Charlotte Valley Cedar shingle panels VC_RossBridgeGable_Pacific_NW VC Moorseville NC VC Glenview Hyatt clocktower
  • Handcrafted from Coastal Mixed Grain Cedar
  • Cedar naturally resists decay and insect attack
  • Handcrafting reduces wastage and ensures each shingle is free of deflects, splits or cracks
  • 15 year manufacturer warranty
  • Pre-ready 8' long panels for quicker install time
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Valley Cedar mixed grain cedar panels are handcrafted, defect free and have a 15 year warranty against manufacturer defect when installed correctly. One BIG key fact...utilizes up to 62% less cedar than traditional 18” R/R shingles !!! Far less wastage!  Each panel is 8' long and make installation quicker and easy then other shingle products.  
 • 7-1/8” x 8’ x 1/2” butt thickness
• 4.75 sq.ft per panel
• 21 panels per 100 sq.ft.
 See your local Windsor Plywood for details and availability.