Natural Live Edge Aromatic Cedar

  • One natural live edge
  • Vary aromatic
  • Straight grain, usually with knots present
  • Very fine even texture
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Scientific Name: Juniperus virginiana 

Janka Hardness: 900 lbf (4,000 N) 

Color/Appearance: Heartwood tends to be a reddish or violet-brown. Sapwood is a pale yellow color, and can be appear throughout the heartwood as streaks and stripes. 

Grain/Texture: Has a straight grain, usually with knots present. Has a very fine even texture. 

Rot Resistance: Regarded as excellent in resistance to both decay and insect attack.

Workability: Overall, easy to work, notwithstanding any knots or irregularities present in the wood. It reportedly has a high silica content, which can dull cutters. Aromatic Red Cedar glues and finishes well, though in many applications, the wood is left unfinished to preserve its aromatic properties. 

Odor: Distinct. Commonly used in closets and chests to repel moths and other insects. 

Come in and ask about our natural edge slabs - great for shelves, furniture, table tops, desk tops, mantles or whatever project you can imagine!
one natural edge
8"or wider.
8' lengths.
Great for mantels and shelves!
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