Aquabar “B” Floor Underlay

  • Helps slow moisture vapor originating below the floor system
  • Protects against moisture vapor relation to floor problems such as buckling, cupping or cracking.
  • Acts as a “slip sheet” to minimize dust and reduce noise.
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Ideal for wood flooring and tile applications. When you block moisture vapor from creeping behind finish materials or reaching moisture sensitive substrates, you help increase the useful life and appearance of finish surfaces.

As A semi-permeable material, Aquabar “B” is much less likely than common poly film to trap moisture condensation between it and the sub-floor. With a moisture vapor permeance of less than 1, Aquabar “B” is a superior vapor retarder under wood flooring applications.
Made of 30/30/30 Grade B asphalt laminated duplex type kraft paper

Each roll  is 3' x 167' and covers 500 square feet

Exceeds Federal Specification UU-B-790a, Type I, Grade B, and Style 1a under American Society for Testing & Materials methods ASTM D-779, ASTM D-828, and ASTM D-96